Blog Management

Blog management is an effective method to get your blog on autopilot. There are lots of benefits to creating a blog on your current website. Whether you run a plumbing business or provide public relations solutions, you need to have an approach to express ideas, give advice and showcase achievements. Creating a blog for your company will give it a benefit over the competition. However blogs should be regularly updated. Almond is a professional internet marketing company that can deal with all of your blog management requirements, regardless of what industry or service you are providing.

  • Blog helps boost website traffic.
  • Blog helps turn that traffic into leads.
  • Blog helps build authority.
  • Blog brings long-term results.

Blog Management

Why do I need Almond blog management services?

Blog management will help you to get back to what really matters: your business. A blog needs a lot of maintenance. Regular posts are important to ensure that your ranking is well-maintained. Blog upkeep, linking, search engine optimization and comment reviewing are all time consuming. Almond is here to make it easier to take the hassle out of blog management by minimizing your workload. Our team of specialists can help to provide you with the highest return on your blog.

What's included in Almond blog management services?

Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

Each blog post is fully optimized for keywords and phrases with good search volumes in your industry to increase traffic to your blog.

Wordpress Icon

WordPress Upload

We publish the posts we create immediately on your WordPress blog.

Content Formating

Rich Content Formatting

While lots of competitors are excellent walls of content builders, we create creatively impressive articles.


Industry Buzzing Topics

People want to read about what's new in your field. We keep an eye on it as well as blog about it for you.

Social Media

Social Promotion

We'll seed your blog post on major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Link Building

Internal Linking

We will link back to your most important pages for SEO goodness.

With a blog, you will definitely make Google love your website, gain new traffic, and engage your customers day-after-day.

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