10 Hacks to Help Your Website Generate More Leads, Sales, and Revenue

Website Design Hacks

Your website is undoubtedly one of your most important business tools. However, its effectiveness as a tool depends on its ability to generate sales and leads that will eventually lead to increased revenue.

If your website is lacking in these areas, you can use these 10 hacks to increase its output:

  1. Make sure that new contents receive multiple shares: Whenever you create a new content, it is advisable that you share it on social media in a couple of times. Sharing it multiple times gives some who missed the first posting a second opportunity to see the post. The algorithm of most of these social media works in a way that only a segment of your intended audience will see your post at any time you share it. So, share a new content a few times to increase its reach.
  2. Analyze your Google Analytics: Analyzing your Google Analytics is a good way to identify both converting and non-converting traffic. You can then channel your efforts towards the converting ones to improve conversion and sales.
  3. Consider social media platforms: It is safe to assume that some of your audience may be active on one social media platform and be inactive in another one. Therefore, if you want to share the same information with them regardless of the platform of their choice, you have to tailor your post to meet the needs of each platform. That’s how you can reach more potential customers.
  4. Republish your top contents: Some of your contents may generate more conversion than others. You should republish such evergreen contents after a couple of weeks to increase its reach. There are chances that some new readers will see them whenever you republish them.
  5. Use explainer video: This is another way to capture the attention of your readers. Instead of using posts to explain some things always, you can occasionally use an explainer video to explain them. The innovation may boost the interest of some readers and let them take an appropriate action.
  6. Use simple fonts: Your landing page should be attractive to readers. A good way to achieve that is to use simple and easy-to-ready fonts. This makes your website easy to read for visitors that are using different devices. That can lead to improved conversion too.
  7. Include testimonials: Use real life testimonials to draw the attention of people to your website. People appreciate it when they hear of positive effects of what the product or service they want to purchase or hire on others. This increases their confidence in the product and may move them to action.
  8. Take advantage of your 404 page: Due to some unexplainable reason, a visitor may find himself or herself face to face with 404 page. While that may be discouraging for them, use the page to direct them to some valuable links on your site. Instead of logging out of your website, they will still hang around.
  9. Nudge your unresponsive email subscribers: Do you have some subscribers on your list who rarely open their messages? Work on them. Find an alternative way to get to them. Perhaps you may change your subject line and resend the message. You may hit a jackpot with consistent effort.
  10. Take advantage of exit popup: Some visitors to your website may be random visitors. As they prepare to exit, use the exit popup to offer them something that will prevent them from leaving your site. Think about what you feel those visitors need and offer them.


These are 10 of the best hacks you can use to increase your lead, conversion, and sales. Introducing these tips while developing your website will give you the desired result. In no time, you can heave a sigh of relief as your worries over conversion are over.

Published by Derar Barqawi

A highly efficient, innovative and methodical IT & digital marketing manager with extensive experience of supporting IT and marketing departments by reviewing, developing, and defining their overall digital marketing strategy.

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