Drive Healthy Traffic to Your Website

User experience is a pivotal factor that determines the traffic to a site. Effective search engine optimization just literally means a permanent healthy traffic to the site. Higher rankings in the results of the search engine can ensure the traffic. In order to get organic traffic of such a kind, there is a lot of […]

The CONs of Internet Marketing

The traditional and conventional methods of advertising and marketing have evolved to include Internet marketing that has gained widespread importance for many customers. This has procured many advantages for different companies and businesses which have included this strategy. Some of the advantages are lower cost and reaching a wide global audience. However, there are many […]

5 Reasons eClincher is the Ideal Social Media Management Tool for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you want to be efficient, productive and make the most of your time. Every day you are being pulled in so many directions including sales, research and development, raising money and hiring. But often times in a startup key work get put on the backburner such as marketing and social media. These […]