5 Important Things You Should Know about Instagram and SEO

Instagram and SEO

Instagram boasts over 500 million active users and still counting. There’s no denying that this photo sharing app has come a long way. In fact, more than 50 million photos are shared on Instagram every single day. These numbers are expected to increase over the years.

The best part is, you can incorporate Instagram into your SEO efforts. Use the platform to not only crease awareness but improve organic traffic to your website. Though Instagram doesn’t allow you to post clickable links directly on the caption, there are other ways to direct people to your website on this platform. We’ll share a few practical tips to use Instagram for SEO.

Avoid blasting the internet with photos

To start with, don’t over-post on Instagram as it could have a negative impact on your search engine optimization efforts. Instagram can even ban a page that seems to bombard their followers with spammy content. Therefore, it’s important to focus on providing quality content as opposed to stuffing the page with irrelevant information.

  • Hold photo contests

Photo contests can also go a long way in helping you boost your search engine rankings. For instance, if you hold a photo contest and provide a link where people have to go and sign up in order to participate, it means you are directing traffic back to your website. Ensure the rules of the photo contest are very clear so that as many people can participate without hassles.

  • Engage your audience

Research shows that Instagram users like 4.2 billion posts per day. This clearly means that the engagement rate is really high on this platform. You need to engage with all your followers for Instagram. Once you post a product on your page and they comment or DM, make sure you respond. This helps you to not only direct users to your website and get traffic but also boost trust and credibility.

  • Use keyword-rich hashtags

When looking for hashtags that you can use on Instagram, have SEO in mind. This simply means that you should focus on hashtags that describe your brand and product. The phrases should include keywords related to your location, product or service. You can get ideas from what your competitors use. Try and keep hashtags interesting and unique, especially those that are used for contests and campaigns.

  • Post interesting content

At the end of the day, you want to increase your chances of getting as much organic traffic as possible. That’s why you need to develop an Instagram content marketing strategy to come up with content ideas that will keep the traffic flowing natural. You can develop daily themes for content which your followers would like.

  • Share your website URL

Instagram allows you to share your website URL on the author bio. Whenever you post something on Instagram, change the link on your bio and direct your followers to that section of the page. When they click on the link, they will be directed to your website. This not only gives you additional traffic to your website but also social signals that pages need to rank better on search engines.

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