What is the Best Technology for Mobile App Development?

Mobile App Development

If you are associated with the industry of information and technology, you might have heard a lot about the debate dealing with the best mobile application development technology. However, there will be a number of preferable answers, but one of the most satisfactory ones is that the efficiency of the tool depends on the type of application you want to develop because each and every technology has its advantages and drawbacks. Here, we will talk about some leading mobile app development technologies and why you should call them best in the trend.

Native Technology

Developers use specific program languages like, Java for Android, objective-C for iOS, etc. Such applications can be downloaded from app stores and installed locally on devices. The major advantage of using native apps is that they often work without the Internet connection. Based on the users’ need, some native apps can be operated without the Internet. Native apps are secured and good in performance because they are capable of accessing all hardware functions.

In addition, they can support rich-user-interface and handle high-quality graphics. However, there are some drawbacks in using the native technology, as native apps can only run on specific devices because they are dependent on the platform. Multiple versions of the application will require multiple platforms.

Hybrid Technology

If it is a hybrid mobile application developed by a mobile app development company in Mumbai, you will have to think about a mixture of native and web technologies. The most noteworthy advantage of using the technology is that hybrid apps come with the pros of both native and web mobile apps. Though the hybrid apps are platform-dependent, they are compatible with all leading operating systems like, Android, iOS, Windows and others.

Another advantage of the hybrid mobile application is that they can be built in multiple version of the same app available on stores. A key advantage of developing an app using hybrid technology is that the technology helps developers to build the app at a low cost and in less time.

When a user downloads an application developed on hybrid technology, the app gets connected to the core application, which is a web application developed for the mobile device. However, the performance of the hybrid application is slower than the applications that are developed using other technologies and such apps will not work without the Internet connectivity.

Mobile Web Technology

Mobile applications that have been developed using the web technology are actually websites customized for mobile devices. Mobile web applications are faster and cheaper compared to apps developed using other technologies.

One of the key advantages of using web technology is that a single website can work on multiple platforms. This means that they will perform in the same way on the mobile platform when compared to PC-based websites.

These are the leading mobile app development technologies mostly used by modern developers nowadays. Learn more about them and choose a suitable one to work with.

Author Bio – Evans Connor works at a leading mobile app development company in Mumbai. Apart from this, he often plays the role of a technology consultant and helps with the suitable suggestions.

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  1. In this period of mobile applications, it is necessary for the arrival of different new applications.
    This post is going to help as it describes the technologies required for the applications development, which is the main job to be performed.

  2. I was looking for this information. Actually, I was in a confusion that which technology to be used for app development, but after reading your information, now I have a crystal clear idea about which is the best technology to develop the mobile applications. Thank you very much for sharing the great read and keep on educating us.

  3. Hey,

    Best information provided by you for mobile app development.

    Nowadays each business creates their mobile app for their customer to make loyalty programme.
    Another important aspect of most of these smartphone apps is that they save time and provide convenience to all its users. Mobile application development offers several potential benefits to ease things out for its users.

    Thank You!

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  5. Very informative post, providing exact details about mobile app development technologies.

    We should consider latest emerging technologies like react, which are taking a firm grip over the market in very short time span.

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