Why It Is Mandatory to Use SOX Compliant Software

Software that supports enterprise functioning must be compliant with the rules and regulations of the industry where it is used. Since it is the responsibility of the business owners to ensure that the business processes comply with the statutory, legal, health and safety and other trade practices, it is imperative that

Oracle is Dedicated to Ensure Completeness of the Stack as Their Ultimate USP

Oracle is committed to enhancing its performance and ensuring that it is the fair market share by moving aggressively towards the cloud. Oracles describes its overall cloud strategy as to make sure that they offer the customers full-stack cloud. The issue that most users face while working cloud-based technologies is that they need to use […]

What is the Best Technology for Mobile App Development?

If you are associated with the industry of information and technology, you might have heard a lot about the debate dealing with the best mobile application development technology. However, there will be a number of preferable answers, but one of the most satisfactory ones is that the efficiency of the tool depends on the type […]