Change: The Essence of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As one Greek philosopher had said: “Change is the only constant”

This is truer now than in the time when it was said. With the fast world we are leading and getting faster with each passing day, the amount of momentum needed to change human perception is lowering. Or rather, instead of saying it is lowering, it should be said that human momentum for swaying perceptions can now be generated much faster. The culprit is, of course, internet. With near real time connection spanning the whole globe, it is quite easy for someone living in Russia to know what has happened in Australia in mere seconds. While that is very good for information exchange, it is not so well for retail establishments. Instant connection means a change in ideas and shift in taste on a very frequent basis.

However, that may not be all for the bad. Since all of these patterns can be easily tracked, it is rather easy for establishments to stock up on the appropriate inventory as and when needed. But the fact remains that this kind of management is only possible for digital marketing firms which work on a much smaller budget with higher flexibility.

The thumb rule to tracking patterns can of course be fully automatic with the help of pattern monitoring on the internet, but for a really effective job, this needs to be done manually as well. This is because identifying patterns before a competitor does might just be the key to success in a highly sought after field of operation.

Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter can come in very handy in these situations. Especially since everything for the day can be boiled down to trending handles and news feeds.

Another aspect that sees high mobility on the internet with respect to digital marketing is reputation. This is because one of the primary disadvantages of having an establishment that most people cannot place a physical connection to is the fact that your reputation as a digital marketing firm can rise or fall within a very short period of time. Even one well connected negative review can have an adverse effect on your marketing strategy. It is comparable to a chain reaction. One change influences 2 more and there on again until the change curve takes on an exponential pattern.

However, at the end of this all, digital marketing is still highly lucrative. There is a lot of dynamism involved and as long as you are ready to explore new niches and changes wherever needed, there is practically no way you will lose while in this field.

After all, what is life without a little challenge?

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