How Does KeywordInspector Help You Gain Competitive Edge In The Market?


KeywordInspector is a suite of keyword research tools to help you gain a competitive advantage in the market when you are selling products on Amazon. It is like ASINspector another popular keyword research tool that helps you determine the selling performance of your products. Both these tools are separate, and they help you optimize more products and faster on the popular e-commerce website Amazon.

Features of KeywordInspector

This favorite keyword research tool covers more than 150 million products. Users can search the products they want with the aid of keywords, sales per day, price, category and other simple features. The search results also include a 30-day historical graph along with prices, ratings, and reviews. This is a tool that every seller needs to use to find out the listings and the words that people used for searching for products online. Amazon does not accurately make your listing available for keywords you have added to product listings. You will never find them in bullet points or the search field.

Automation of the whole process

When it comes to KeywordInspector vs. ASINspector, you will see that the latter automates the entire process in an easy way. This means you can check every search item against the asin of Amazon. This is a process that takes many hours when you do it manually. However, with the above tool, you can do it in seconds. A tool is a free tool that helps in keyword research. If you examine Amazon today, you will find that it is effortless for you to find keywords that have a very high search volume. Several keywords will cost over $1000. You also may be ranked for keywords that are searched with weak competition. You have to analyze the competition among keywords and with the aid of the Keyword Inspector you can do so easily.

The importance of research keywords correctly

If you are on Amazon, it is important for you to research keywords properly. If you do not use the right keywords, you will miss out on the real sales and traffic. If you are not getting the right keywords, you will not be able to invoke targeted traffic to your website. The KeywordInspector analyzes the Google front page to determine the competition among keywords correctly.

Helpful tool to sort keywords

This keyword research tool allows you to type the keywords where the best converting ones are displayed on the top of the listings. The keywords that are shown in the upper part of the page listings are the ones that you should use. You may use them in titles, search terms, bullet terms or descriptions. This tool ensures that all the rules for SEO on Amazon are met, and the listed products become more visible to the targeted audience.

This tool is a potent tool where you can find necessary keywords to reveal successful listings. You can also use these keywords on the sponsored ad listings on Amazon. It approves all the search terms on the Help website Amazon.

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