Why is Managing Website Easy with Joomla?


Developed in 2003, Joomla has become the fastest growing Content Management system (CMS) in the world. Joomla offers its users the freedom to build their own websites, no matter if it is for business, personal or any other purposes. That is why more than 3 million websites across the world are running on it today.

The key benefits of choosing Joomla for creating websites include printable versions of the web page, page caching, RSS feeds, composer integration, language internationalization, collapsible sidebars, Google ReCAPTCHA and much more. Moreover, it is very easy to manage a website that runs on Joomla. How? Let’s check out.

Easy to Publish Blogs

If you want to post your blogs and not worry about your knowledge of CSS, PHP or HTML, then you should work with websites created on Joomla, because it is easy to post your blogs. In Joomla websites, you just have to copy your content and paste it on the site before pressing the “publish” button.


With more than 8000 extensions, Joomla will help you make your site more functional and interactive. This feature will help website owners wanting their websites to integrate social networking with social media widgets, as it has an extension for that. Joomla extensions will also help you to create several customizable forms that will allow you to focus more on the consumer feedback. To know more, you can visit https://www.lasvegaswebdesignco.com.

The Power of Open Source Software

PHP is the leader in the open source web scripting language that powers most of the Internet world. Developers have also used such language to create Joomla along with MySQL for data storage. The combination has helped developers to create a number of extensions for Joomla.

Makes the Process of Content Management Easy

Content management is definitely the primary function of Joomla, as the tool can manage users easily, with multiple permission levels without opting for tabs. Joomla has shown how easy it is to build a new website following a specific hierarchical order and the most important fact is that this will allow you to create and access your websites in a streamline.

Joomla Has Made the E-commerce Business Easy

If you are running an e-commerce company and struggling to choose the right CMS for your website, you should know that Joomla is the most effective CMS for e-commerce websites. It offers a number of components that are specially developed for e-commerce sites.

Several third party components like, Virtuemart run inside Joomla that allow users to access options like, Paypal and Google Checkout, product management, shipping and payment gateways. Such components are perfect for the businesses enjoying an online presence and looking forward to including cart system to their website.

Apart from all these advantages, Joomla is SEO-friendly and enables you to ensure better search engine rankings. Joomla website allows you to use your own meta keywords and description that help you in improving site rank. Thus, you can use Joomla for better site management and improved SEO functionality.

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