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Infinite Scroll Causes Issues with Google Indexing

April 21, 2020 03:19:40 PM

Implementing infinite scroll on a web page is not recommended and will result to cause issues with Google indexing. This issue was also addressed by Google’s Martin Splitt during a technical SEO virtual conference, held on April 14, 2020. Each issue addressed by Splitt is based on a real case he debugged in the past.

During the virtual conference, Splitt walked people through a series of tests in order to discover if the website is using infinite scrolling.

Why you need to avoid using infinite scroll?

Loading additional content on a web page that use infinite scroll requires visitors to scroll to the bottom of the screen, but Googlebot doesn’t scroll. That’s the problem. In short, Google crawl what is immediately visible.

Here are the alternatives of using infinite scroll?

  • Use JavaScript library that support loading data when it enters the viewport.
  • Use paginated loading data.

Here is the full video presentation:

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