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Links in Primary Content Hold the Most Value

May 02, 2020 12:44:55 AM

The question below was submitted during a Google Webmaster Central hangout, held on May 1, 2020:

“Is there any difference between the links that come from navigation and product pages? Do they have the same value?”

Here is the Google’s John Mueller response:

Don’t focus on trying to game the algorithm, and instead of, focus on what makes the most sense for users. Mueller’s response means that user experience plays an important factor when it comes to Google search engine.

Google’s algorithm is designed to respond to things the same way of user’s response. So, what makes sense for your website’s visitors will also make sense for Google’s algorithm.

Links in the page’s body content have the most value and weight compared to links that come from static content such as footer or navigation menu – in general, links in the primary content are the Google’s primary focus.

Here is the video where you can find the question and answer:

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