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Does Low Quality Section on Website Hurt the Rest of Website

December 22, 2020 06:37:29 PM

During the Google’s SEO hangout held on December 18, 2020, John Mueller and Mihai Aperghis started a conversation into two different aspects:

The first aspect was about how long does a site need to wait for Google to handle the quality change made on site. John Mueller answered this part that the process takes at least two months. For a large site, Google may need a couple of months to better understand it and reflect the impact.

The second aspect was about does Google hurt the whole site when there is a low quality section on the site. The answer was yes. So if you have a low quality section on your site, you will get a negative impact on the whole site. Google has even said this.

Here is the Google’s SEO hangout held on Dec 18, 2020

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