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Want a professional SEO team who can manage your SEO project and drive the quality traffic to your website? Almond is here to help you achieve that!

Our SEO services are not limited to companies in Saudi Arabia who are just looking to get page 1 rankings in search engines for important keywords, we are more than that! Our dedicated SEO team can help you generate leads via SEO in a short period of time and increase your sales.

Our SEO includes:

On-Page Optimization: It is about optimizing your website in order to rank higher and drive more relevant traffic in search engines. This practice includes, content development, HTML optimization and technical elements improvement such as 301-redirect, friendly 404 pages, URL rewriting, page loading speed and more.

Off-Page Optimization: Is the process of optimizing the website link profile. This includes, building internal & external links, social media optimization and bookmarking.

What are the benefits of using our SEO services?

Business Experience: Our company has over 10 years’ experience in providing a high level of web development and digital marketing services for customers worldwide. We have a lot of success stories in the field of SEO. It’s simple – we act as a partnership for your business and we believe in building partnership with our customers based on mutual respect and trust.

Commitment to Quality: The key principle for business success with any kind of services is that it must be of high quality at a fair price. At almond, we invest a lot of money and efforts in improving our quality assurance department in order to effectively monitor project activities at all levels.

How does Almond find the important keywords for my business?

In order to find the best keywords for your business, we’ll ask you to provide us with details about your products or services, and a keywords suggested list. Then, our SEO specialist will make a deep keyword research and analysis to get the search volume and traffic statistics for each keyword. After that, a detailed report will be sent to you including the important keywords that should be optimized for the best results.

You may think it’s easy to search, analyze and optimize. But at Almond, it has taken us years of trial and errors to reach the optimal practice and provide our customers with real results.

If you are interested in investing your money with an SEO company in Saudi Arabia that has a lot of success stories worldwide, then Almond is the best choice for your SEO project.

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