Can Small Businesses Consider Social Media Marketing?

Small Businesses & Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has grown immensely over the few years. It is amazing how people achieve heights for their businesses by promoting it via social media. It is not much astonishing that people these days refer social media as the best solution for marketing every little thing. Continue reading Can Small Businesses Consider Social Media Marketing?

Impact of Digital Advertisement

digital marketing

There was a time when most novel thing impacting the drive of a new product launch was concerned with how well a new banner would be placed along a major road in the city. While it is true that the same still remains true, its role in the same has diminished. The reason? A new force called internet which has slowly but steadily crawled into our very private lives. Since the virtual world can come right into our bedrooms, the allure of digital marketing has gone up a thousand folds as well. Continue reading Impact of Digital Advertisement

Change: The Essence of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As one Greek philosopher had said: “Change is the only constant”

This is truer now than in the time when it was said. With the fast world we are leading and getting faster with each passing day, the amount of momentum needed to change human perception is lowering. Or rather, instead of saying it is lowering, it should be said that human momentum for swaying perceptions can now be generated much faster. The culprit is, of course, internet. With near real time connection spanning the whole globe, it is quite easy for someone living in Russia to know what has happened in Australia in mere seconds. While that is very good for information exchange, it is not so well for retail establishments. Instant connection means a change in ideas and shift in taste on a very frequent basis. Continue reading Change: The Essence of Digital Marketing

5 Important SEO Trends to Keep In Mind In 2016

SEO Trends

2016 has brought a set of changes in business marketing, especially SEO has advanced more than ever with tools and certain trends required to build a successful content campaign. These advancements and trends are meant for the ease and convenience of audience incorporated by search engines and which have to be the sole priority of any business in answering the matters searched by users. The new trends also gap the competition between those determined to deliver the audience with the right content in the right manner and those who have not been particularly doing so, rather using deceptive measures to link their content in top searches. Continue reading 5 Important SEO Trends to Keep In Mind In 2016

3 Important Tips for Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the few fundamentals of your SEO strategy for driving traffic to your website or blog via platforms, such as Google, YouTube, Bing and others. Keywords depict your website content and your sole strategy that incorporates your content. If it is carried out efficiently, the greater are the chances of increasing traffic and meeting your goals. Continue reading 3 Important Tips for Keyword Research