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We are ready to handle SEO projects for websites up to 100,000 pages. And we are growing to offer enterprise-level SEO. It’s a big challenge for us, but we trust our SEO nerds.

  • Technical SEO Savants
  • Link Building Aficionados
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Lead Generation SEO

Turn Rankings to Revenue

SEO-generated traffic does nothing for your business if it doesn’t convert to leads. Meet us to show you our case studies.

Professional SEO Audit

Professional SEO Audit

Our professional SEO audit takes about 2-6 weeks to conduct and includes the following:

  • Detailed on-page SEO checklist (over 60 checkpoints)
  • Detailed backlink profile and broken links
  • Detailed referring domains and IPs
  • Link intersect
  • Detailed top content
  • Detailed organic keywords and top pages
  • Detailed competing domains and pages
  • Best pages by links and links’ growth
  • And much more

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Why Select Almond Solutions Over Other SEO Companies

  • We develop enterprise-level SEO strategies
  • We use tactics to support company objectives rather than targeting short-term wins
  • We have skilled nerds who can grow your business
  • Over 50 5-star Google reviews
  • No need to sign a long-term contract
  • We integrate conversion rate optimization (CRO) with SEO
  • Our CEO is one of the top digital marketing consultants
  • We serve clients worldwide (MENA, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Spanish, Malaysia, and Russia)
  • We have served clients since 2005 until now. That means you are dealing with a stable company
  • We deal with the client as a partner, not a service provider

Your Gate to MENA Region

Get the best SEO services in Jordan and MENA region to increase the visibility of your website toward Google.

Let's explain how SEO marketing services can benefit your company

Search engine optimization must be a part of any digital marketing strategy. Keyword research, link building, copy optimization, and much more are all part of the package. An SEO's job is to inform search engines about who you are, what you're selling, and why you're important. SEO may help you improve your page rank, resulting in more visitors, conversions, and revenue.

When done correctly, SEO may help you beat your competitors by making you the first result clients see when searching for your products or services. On the other hand, an improper SEO strategy might harm your website by lowering your rankings and decreasing your authority.

SEO marketing services

What do our SEO management services include?

What do our SEO management services include?

SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies to drive more visitors to your website, target qualified customers, and boost sales. As a result, SEO is crucial to a fruitful business plan.

However, SEO includes a wide range of strategies.

The term "search engine optimization" (SEO) refers to several smaller tactics that work together to improve your website's ranking on Google (or other search engines) and, as a result, increase its capacity to convert visitors into paying customers and create revenue.

Let's talk about some essential SEO strategies that we use to improve websites:

Website SEO audits

A website SEO audit is the foundation of your SEO strategy.

By analyzing your website, the SEO expert can find opportunities for your SEO strategy and areas that require improvement.

Therefore, our SEO specialists perform a technical SEO audit before developing your plan.

Our SEO specialists use various SEO tools to acquire the best results and insights for your website.

Keyword research

You won't rank or appear in the search results if you don't undertake keyword research.

A successful SEO strategy must therefore include keyword research.

It helps your business connect with potential prospects or consumers by adapting to their search patterns.

By employing the words, phrases, and other languages your audience uses in your content, such as a blog post or sales page, you optimize your content and persuade customers that your company understands their needs.

That results in your company's calls, store visits, transactions, and other conversions.

Content creation

The content we develop using the results of our keyword research includes the words you believe to be most important to your business and industry.

Whether you run an offline or online business, you can use content to reach and convert your target audience.

Online guides and blog posts are only two examples of the many different content formats that benefit your website.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is a component of all SEO strategies. You must optimize your site for on-page SEO factors if you want to appear in Google searches (or search results on other search engines like Bing or Yahoo!).

That suggests that you consider factors like the content, speed, and design of your web pages.

Our SEO packages focus on off-page elements as part of our SEO strategies.

SEO Process

Company Objective

Phase 1: Company Objective

We’ll review your business, website, and competitors to provide clear details to be considered throughout all other phases of the project.

Keyword Research

Phase 2: Keyword Research

We'll review, research, analyze and select the best keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website.

Page Optimization

Phase 3: Page Optimization

We'll review page titles, the website's navigation system, sitemap, ALT, META data, and clean up the code.

Content Development

Phase 4: Content Development

We’ll optimize your website’s content to fit the SEO rules - Google loves text, high volume, and high-quality content.

Link Building

Phase 5: Link Building

We’ll review your target audience before implementing a link-building strategy to provide reasons to earn those links.

SEO Analysis and Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

We'll give you regular details, including analysis of campaign performance and plan tracking and adjust work plan based on results.

Why Does Our SEO Process Deliver the Results?

number 1

We do not get involved in black hat practices that will deliver quick wins but end in penalties as well as cause damage to your well-earned SEO power.

number 2

We put in the effort to stay up to date on the ever-changing SEO curve, giving ongoing coaching and effective improvement for all members.

number 3

We focus on using ideal strategies to achieve both short and long-term results, improving content and structuring website pages the way Google will love.

number 4

Our SEO expert team is determined by perseverance and obstinacy, making sure we never leave the work table opportunities.


Is SEO free or paid?

SEM is for targeted paid search, while SEO is for unpaid or free listings that receive organic traffic. Both SEM and SEO can work together, but only if the website is SEO-friendly first.

Is SEO expensive?

How much can you anticipate investing in SEO? Expect to pay $500+ monthly if you hire a top-tier SEO company to conduct a local campaign. The monthly budget for a national or worldwide campaign should be between $2500 and $5000. Several agencies offer a "trial package" with a lower price and no obligation.

What makes a good SEO?

The likelihood of receiving links from other websites increases when a website is authoritative, unbiased and helps users learn more about what they are interested in. This boosts your search engine optimization. By including relevant links within the content, you can increase your authority and trustworthiness.

What happens if you don't use SEO?

You'll quickly start to see reduced rankings in search results if you stop practicing SEO. They will keep dropping until you employ SEO tactics to boost your rankings again. This will decrease your site's organic traffic over time and reduce its presence online.

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