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It’s not easy to merge both the world of Information Technology and the world of Digital Marketing in a single training course, but at Almond we can do that. We strongly believe that a superstar Digital Marketer should be technical.

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Our public training is perfect for individuals who have a low budget and want to improve their skills in digital marketing.

We will help you prepare for the exams & certifications of: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, and HubSpot Inbound Marketing.

Live Online Training

Scheduled in 5/5/2019 (40 hours)

Public Digital Marketing Training - 490 USD

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Face-to-Face Training

Scheduled in 16/6/2019 (40 hours)

Public Digital Marketing Training - 790 USD

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On-Site Company Training & Mentoring

On-Site Company Training & Mentoring

Want a custom digital marketing training plans for your business? A training specialist from Almond can work with you and your company to determine how best to address your training needs. On-Site company training sessions are ideal to get an entire team ramped up together!

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One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching (Private Sessions)

You’ll never market alone: Get one to one coaching & mentoring for growing your business or career. You will not only receive the undivided attention of the trainer, but one to one also allows you to tailor the training to your specific requirements and maximizing your time with us.

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Live & Online Short Training

Live Online Short Training (Private Sessions)

The flexible way for your budget: Live online interactive short training is the modern and fast way to tailor and enhance your professional skills in digital marketing. With us, you can meet live and online with the trainer using our own software. Give a try and see the difference!

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A highly efficient, innovative and methodical digital marketing manager with extensive experience of supporting sales and marketing departments by reviewing, developing, and defining their overall digital marketing strategy.

Think it over

Think it over!

“If you want to understand how a lion hunts don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.”

Got it!

Digital Marketing Training Modules

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Introduction to SEO
  • On-Page optimization
  • Off-Page optimization
  • SEO audits
  • Content strategy
  • SEO strategy
  • And much more

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Introduction to social media
  • Planning
  • Blogging
  • Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook
  • Measuring and monitoring
  • Strategy
  • And much more

Google AdWords

  • Introduction to Google AdWords
  • AdWords Settings
  • Understanding keywords
  • Ad Text
  • Tools and techniques
  • Maximizing CTR
  • Analytics and conversions
  • And much more

Google Analytics

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Administrative interface
  • Reports interface
  • What do you want to track
  • Tracking goals and events
  • Monitoring change
  • Experimentation and tracking
  • And much more


  • Domains and hosts
  • Installing WordPress on you own server
  • Configuring WordPress
  • Organizing content
  • Creating and managing content
  • Finding and using Plugins
  • All about themes
  • And much more

HTML5 and CSS3

  • Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
  • New additions in HTML5
  • What’s new in CSS3
  • Transitions, transforms, and animation
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • And much more

Email Marketing

  • Introduction to email marketing
  • Before the inbox
  • Starting the dialogue
  • In the inbox
  • Designing your email
  • Real-word best practices
  • Advanced methods
  • Email marketing tools
  • And much more

Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Know your audience
  • Maximizing effects from your efforts
  • Connections and communication
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • And much more

Online Reputation Management

  • Introduction to ORM
  • Establish a foundation: How to establish a social media company policy
  • Listen
  • Respond
  • Engage
  • And much more

Customer Service Excellence

  • Fundamentals of service standards
  • Understanding service standards
  • Creating effective standards
  • Implementing standards
  • Monitoring service standards
  • And much more

Customer Relationship Management

  • Introduction to CRM
  • CRM Role
  • Managing your customer needs & expectations
  • Communication
  • And much more

Online Lead Generation

  • Types of online lead generations
  • Optimizing landing pages
  • Understanding customers personality types
  • Writing for the web and conversion
  • And much more

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • The Psychology of Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Friction – minimizing customer effort
  • Anxiety – minimized perceived risk
  • A/B split-testing
  • And much more

Content Marketing

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • SEO for content
  • Writing content
  • Guest blogging
  • Analyzing your existing blog(s)
  • Content strategy brainstorm
  • Writing practice
  • Action plan
  • And much more


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