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Want to generate real LEADS that your sales team can close? You need an engaged, eye-catching and conversion-oriented website design - At Almond, we can assist you to achieve that. Fast.

Website Design Company Jordan

The Best Custom Website Design Companies From Around The World

Almond Solutions Company is listed on “Yahoo! News” as one of the top website design and development agencies from around the world who can build custom platforms for businesses of all industries, successfully solving online solutions and fostering business growth. This listing is according to a comprehensive analysis and ranking process made by “DesignRush”.

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Do It Yourself

$0 - no hidden fees

Be your own website maker. With AlmondCMS, you can be up and running in a few days. AlmondCMS is perfect for website developers and front-end designers. AlmondCMS is an ASP.NET Core (Razor Pages), Bootstrap & SQL Server based CMS that allows you to build websites for any purpose. It can be deployed on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Build It For Me (One-Page)

$250 - includes free domain

If you have a low budget and want a website for your business, you can hire our expert designers and start with the one-page website. We’ll build a website that represents your business in the best possible way where you can be up and running in a few days - In one-page website, all the content sits within the same webpage, traditionally in a long-scrolling layout.

Build It For Me (Multi-Page)

$70 / page plus $630 (SEO friendly)

If you want a professional website that generates leads and gets your business found where your customers are searching for your business, our multi-page website is the best choice for you. Simply, tell us what exactly you need, and the web expert will deliver. A multi-page website is usually owned by a large company with a broad range of products or services.

eCommerce Web Design

We build digital shopping experiences and robust digital marketing plans to meet ambitious sales goals for your e-commerce business.

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Website Design Process

Website Design Planning

Phase 1: Planning

The planning phase requires customer interaction along with the accompanying attention to detail.

Website Design

Phase 2: Design

The design phase generally includes moving the information discussed in the planning phase further into reality.

Website Development

Phase 3: Development

The development phase includes the bulk of the coding work, along with loading content.

Website Test

Phase 4: Test

This phase includes testing the website functionalities, design and site’s navigation.

Website Launce

Phase 5: Launch

The purpose of the launch phase is to set up the website for public viewing.

Website Post Launch

Phase 6: Post Launch

This phase includes packaging source files, giving guides for use and any needed coaching happens at this time.

The Almond Promise

For over 14 years we have developed a solid reputation in website design, digital marketing and advertising. Our designs are derived from in-depth analysis and a reliable strategy to put you ahead of the rest.

Willing to improve your website? Partner with the best web design company in Jordan, Amman.


Most Frequently Asked Questions about Website Design and Development

Can I audit my website while it’s in under development?

Yes, Almond has an exceptionally transparent development approach and we are always eager for customer feedback. We will give you a private URL where you can check and track the development progress whenever you want.

How should I update content on my website?

If you have professional web specialists working for you, they can easily upload new content. Otherwise, we can do that for you at a reasonable price. Through us, you will also get custom content presentation.

Will my website completely SEO friendly?

Yes, we will provide you with a completely SEO optimized website in terms of design. However, we recommend you choose our SEO and digital marketing solutions to keep them current.

What platform do you use to build websites?

At Almond, we use Microsoft ASP.NET to build websites. Our CMS is in-house developed and meet all of customers’ requirements.

Does your servers support platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal?

Yes, we support all of them in addition to Microsoft ASP.NET Core.

Can you update my existing website?

We can update your existing website if it is completely developed by Almond.