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Organizing a PPC Campaign Before Taking a Vacation

Originally published: March 26, 2022 10:33:41 PM, updated: November 19, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Organizing a PPC Campaign Before Taking a Vacation

When you start an independent online marketer career, your workload can be overwhelming. You're usually constantly monitoring website traffic, writing new content, adjusting online ads, and figuring out which keywords are the most promising to bid for. It can be a relentless, time-consuming task.

You'll feel you deserve a short vacation to recuperate every so often. However, are you confident enough to leave your PPC campaigns to fend for themselves? According to research by Zippia, there are approximately 40,828 online marketers in the States. A recent report in the Washington Post stated that 55% of Americans never take a vacation.

That could mean roughly 20,000 marketers never take a break. You could easily enjoy a few days away from your marketing strategies with a bit of effort. However, you'll need to be organized and plan ahead.

Timing is Important


Choosing when to take a vacation is a crucial factor. For a relaxing, stress-free vacation, it's best to choose a part of the year when your PPC activity is usually at its least frenetic. If Cyber Monday or Black Friday is vital to the success of your PPC campaigns, it makes sense to stay chained to your laptop for those events.

Maintaining an effective customer base during your absence should be one of your main priorities. Preparing for an absence can provide some great experience in how not to annoy your customers. Be polite and post a message explaining to everyone that you'll be back before long.

One of the first things to assess is the special offers you target. If they are related to specific times, you'll need to remove them ahead of your departure. If you don't, your credibility could suffer as your advertising information will look shamefully out of date.

You're sure to feel a little more at ease if you maintain some sort of contact with your PPC operations. Even though your absence is bound to be brief, there could still be urgent email permissions to deal with. The best you can do is ensure they'll be directed to your inbox.

An ideal solution is to make sure you download your ad manager to your mobile device. Manager apps such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads aren't too sophisticated, but that's preferable when you are miles from home. These apps should be adequate for a quick peek to see how your PPC campaigns survive without you.

Consider Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling

Successful marketing means your ads need to be seen at optimum times. That's where ad scheduling can be helpful. With Google Ads, you get up to six daily ad schedules. Use them wisely to ensure your ads are effective by displaying them at your preferred times or days.

A feature that's worth checking out is ad duration. It limits the amount of time you want the system to run. Tailor the schedules to match your best performance averages where you usually believe the most promising returns could be.

Plotting the best path for your ad scheduling could result in some unpredictable but beneficial outcomes. They could even give your PPC campaigns a certain excitement. Ultimately, it's an ideal method of setting up an automated version of what you might do if you were there in person.

Free to Use Automation Tools

The ongoing cost of a PPC campaign can appear complicated or wasteful while you're not able to provide personal supervision. However, there are many free online resources available. They are usually reliable and relatively effective. They could even invigorate your campaign while you're on vacation.

Digital Marketing Center

Automation tools can help you set up PPC scripts that run continuously. Fortunately, they're relatively easy to integrate into your campaign content. An ideal place to start is the Digital Marketing Center at Microsoft. It can easily combine social media and PPC ads in one convenient place.

A free-to-use management tool that can deal with more than one platform is Adzooma. These types of tools are of enormous benefit if your PPC campaigns are conducted across many different outlets. They can help you streamline your OmniChannel Marketing resulting in adjusting your ads only once to cover all channels simultaneously.

Facebook still holds on at number one, providing a high proportion of users taking up 93.7% of the total visitors. Other high-traffic platforms such as Instagram and YouTube contribute 80.9% and 6.8%, respectively. OmniChannel could be more effective than ever, according to a State of Social Report from Buffer.

Combining all your PPC activities such as search, social and display ads helps maximize the range of your audience. You'll supervise much of the action in person for most of your campaign. However, it doesn't mean you can't afford to take a break. With easy-to-use automation tools, you don't have to miss out on the benefits of omnichannel PPC campaigns while you're on vacation.

Maximize Your Budget

Ad Budget

Keyword trends can change in seconds, making it difficult to predict their popularity while you're on vacation. One solution is to set a timed budget covering up to a month.

You can organize a pause in proceedings if a particular campaign has exceeded its allotted budget in less than a month. This is particularly useful if a campaign has taken up more of its allowance before the day is half over. You can even set daily limits that send notifications to your smartphone.

Alternatively, if your long-distance campaign is performing beyond expectations, you can arrange for the allowance to be increased accordingly. It can also be beneficial to base keyword bids on the conversion rate of your PPC campaign. These measures help you balance your expenditure more precisely.

The Benefit of Cloud Storage

Monitoring your PPC campaigns while supposedly taking a break away from the daily grind of marketing needs to be as effortless as possible. This is where the advantages of cloud storage become an essential part of organizing your vacation. It's an ideal solution for travelers as you can access your data from absolutely any location at any time.

Data storage can be infinite, ensuring everything you need to access is always directly at hand. Using cloud storage helps reduce the amount of hardware you may need to carry. Security is a prime advantage when using the cloud, as data is usually encrypted. In addition, there's the benefit of backing up and recovering your files from safeguarding against accidental data loss.


Taking a vacation while your PPC campaigns are in progress is possible if you plan. There are many ways to monitor your PPC activity while you're relaxing in a favorite resort. You can still monitor expenditure, keyword bids and even access all your data via cloud storage. Just beware that you don't succumb to the temptation to continue working.

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