Is Podcasting A Digital Marketing Must Have in 2019

The number of podcasts grows by the day. In the year behind us, there were over 660.000 shows with more than 28 million episodes. More than half of the population has listened to a podcast at least once, but the number of listeners is not what makes podcasts such a good tool for businesses. Their […]

4 Ways to Leverage Conversion SEO for Ecommerce Marketing

If you run an ecommerce store, traditional search engine optimization techniques may help you generate high traffic numbers, but that traffic may not necessarily generate much revenue. The key for online stores is to target users who are looking to make a purchase, and conversion SEO is the way to do just that. 1. Identify revenue-generating keywords.

How To Create A Lead-Generating Landing Page

With a boom in the digital space in recent years, starting an online business has become fairly easy. A website can help to not only boosts brand awareness, but it can also help improve sales and conversion rate. It can also help you connect with a wider audience giving your brand a global appeal. However, no matter […]

Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy! Avoid The 7 Roadblocks to Success

We live in a world that’s referred to as a ‘global village’ owing to the fact that everything can be easily connected nowadays. It doesn’t matter which country you are in, you can communicate with anyone regardless of where they are thanks to communication technology.

Grow Your Email List with Messenger Chatbots in 6 Easy Steps

Since their inception, chatbots have provided businesses with around-the-clock customer support and outreach thanks to their machine-learning algorithms. With the rise in popularity of social media platforms, chatbots have taken a new, far more approachable shape than ever before.

5 Best CRO Practices for Email Marketing This 2019

Popular belief has shelved CRO within the confines of web pages and UX design. However, CRO is very much applicable to any marketing tactic. From SEO up until email marketing. There is a need to check click-through rates and conversions to know which part of the email marketing strategy is in need of improvement.

The Perfect SEO Guide 2019 – Everything You Need to Know!

If you want to sustain the ranking of your official website, then it is your responsibility to catch the important ranking signals. To improve the ranking of a website, you don’t have to use any magic tricks. All you need to follow the search algorithm carefully. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements of […]

How to Create a Conversion Campaign in Facebook?

Before I go with the steps required to create a conversion campaign in Facebook, let’s start with the conversion definition. A conversion is an action that a site visitor takes such as adding payment info, adding to cart, adding to wish list, completing registration, filling out the contact form, customizing product, donating, finding location, and […]

Most Common SEO Mistakes That Hurt Your Local Business Website’s Rankings

Thanks to Google My Business, local search has been made a lot easier for users, while many small local businesses have gotten a better chance at driving traffic to their website and getting customers through their door. Making a Google My Business profile page is the vital first step to local SEO, but that’s only […]