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New Features to Google Ads Editor

August 14, 2021 02:43:16 PM

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads rolled out new features on Google Ads editor, including easier downloads, lead form extensions, YouTube audio ads, hotel ads, and supporting additional recommendations for the best performance.

Easier downloads

With the previous version of Google Ads Editor, advertisers need to download the campaigns to handle certain parts. But now, advertisers can easily select specific parts of those campaigns to download and work on.

Lead form extensions

Lead form extension released in 2019 allows advertisers to add a lead form to their ads to collect prospects' info without leaving the Google Search. The form extension can be managed through Google Ads UI. But now, advertisers can download, edit, and create lead forms within the Google Ads editor.

YouTube audio ads

Youtube audio ads released in 2020 allows advertisers to set up audio campaigns directly within the Google Ads UI. But now, they can easily manage them within Google Ads editor.

Hotel ads

Hotel ads are feed-based ads that help advertisers promote prices, and it's completely managed within the Google Ads UI. But now, advertisers can easily manage these ads directly within Google Ads editor.


Below is a list of additional recommendations to help advertisers get more from Google Ads:

  • Add call extensions to your ads.
  • Set a target ROAS.
  • Add image extensions to your ads.
  • Bid more efficiently with Maximize conversion value.
  • Use broad match versions of your keywords.
  • Bid more efficiently with Maximize clicks.
  • Use Target impression share bidding.
  • Fix Ad destinations.

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