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Google Combines Smart Display and Standard Display Campaigns

September 16, 2021 10:42:19 AM

Google Combines Smart display and Standard display campaigns

Google Ads has stated that its Smart display and Standard display campaign options will be combined.

According to Google's release, advertisers will still be able to utilize manual or automated solutions, but the option will only be available inside one campaign type.

Advertisers will be able to choose between an automatic or customized experience when creating campaigns.

This change appears to be comparable to the recent change in bidding strategies, in that the feature functionality remains the same, but the Google Ads setup process has changed. Advertisers should, in theory, not notice much of a change in performance.

What is a smart display campaign, and how does it work?

Targeting, bidding, and adverts are all automated and then optimized in Smart Display campaigns. A Smart Display campaign can automatically locate new and existing customers, establish the proper bids, and produce compelling ads that adapt to any screen or ad space across the web and applications. Thanks to Google's machine learning.

Smart Display campaigns across the Display Network use three optimization tools to eliminate the guesswork and labor out of targeting, bidding, and ad creation:

Bidding that is automated

Smart Display campaigns optimize to set your bids based on the likelihood of conversion in each and every ad auction, aiming to provide you with the best possible value.

Targeting that is automated

As your campaign progresses, your advertising targeting improves, indicating where they will bring you the most business. Smart Display campaigns, where applicable, employ dynamic prospecting to match your feed to the most likely converts.

Ad creation that is automated

Ads are created automatically using specific elements, such as headlines, descriptions, logos, and images. They fit into practically all ad slots throughout the Display Network and are responsive.

What is a standard display campaign?

Every time you use Google Ads to generate a display ad. You have the option of starting with a standard display ad. You must do the majority of the work yourself with a standard display campaign. Normally, no options are provided automatically in a standard display campaign. Only a tiny percentage of items can be found in an automated manner; the majority must be managed.

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