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November 2021 Spam Update

November 07, 2021 12:09:18 PM

Google Spam Update

Image Source: Seroundtable

Last week, Google stated that it has begun rolling out a new algorithm upgrade to combat search spam. The November spam upgrade is the new version's name, and it should take approximately a week to roll out fully.

Google announced it on Twitter "We've launched a spam update to our systems as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance results. Within a week, the November 2021 spam upgrade should be fully implemented. We encourage sites to use our Search recommended practices."

So yet, it's unclear whether this update is aimed at link spam, content spam, or other types of search spam. Google is only advising us to follow the webmaster standards in general.

According to Google's Danny Sullivan, spam updates, like this one, target "content" that violates Google's webmaster rules.

Google webmaster guidelines

Google will find, index, and rank your site if you follow the general criteria.

Google highly advises you to read the quality guidelines, which detail some of the illegal behaviors that could result in a site being deleted entirely from the Google index or being subjected to an algorithmic or manual spam action. If a site has been harmed by spam, it may no longer appear in or Google's partner sites' search results.

Source: Seroundtable

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