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It's Normal for Cached JavaScript Pages to Appear Empty, According to Google

April 12, 2022 11:34:40 AM

Cached JavaScript Pages

In Google's cache, JavaScript-based webpages may appear blank or unfinished, which is typical and not indicative of any issues.

In the latest part of the Ask Googlebot video series on YouTube, Google's Search Advocate John Mueller states this.

A user asks why their JavaScript sites aren't showing up in Google's cached view.

Mueller's response is as follows:

"Occasionally, Google Search saves a duplicate of the HTML page that was obtained from a server and displays it to users as a cached page. However, that is merely the HTML page.

It becomes a little more tricky for JavaScript-based websites here. There are limitations on how content can be accessed from a page due to browser security.

If a page requires a JavaScript file from your server, for example, browsers may refuse the request if it comes from another website. The other website in our situation would be Google's cache.

In practice, this implies that when JavaScript-based websites are served from Google's cache, they frequently display an empty or unfinished page. This is entirely typical and does not indicate a concern."

The Power of Caching in JavaScript

Caching can help with performance. Because loading web pages takes time and resources, this is a crucial method to employ in web applications.

Here are the benefits of caching in JavaScript

  1. Caching Can Be Used to "Revive" Your Application In Tough Times
  2. Offline Experience
  3. "Faking" Good Performance
  4. Faster functions

Here is the video:

Source: Search Engine Journal

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