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Google Ads is Rolling Out of Lead Form Extensions

October 31, 2019 09:01:04 AM

Google Ads announced on October 30, 2019, that lead form extensions will be rolled out in beta to all eligible Google Ads accounts during the coming weeks.

What is lead form extension?

A lead form is a form that asks the user (potential customer) to fill out his information, such as email address and name. It allows you to collect leads where you can re-target them through ads platform or email marketing campaigns. This marketing objective is currently available in Facebook and LinkedIn ads under the name “Lead Generation”.

How does lead form extension work on Google?

Simply, users (potential customers) who are signed in to their Google account can engage with this form by tapping a call-to-action such as “Register Now” or “Request a Quote”. The user’s contact information will be pre-populated so he/she can submit the form with a single click.

Google Lead Form Extensions

To learn more about eligibility and set-up, visit Google Ads Help.

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