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More and Better Data Export in Google Search Console

February 26, 2020 09:08:23 PM

Google announced today that site owners can now export more and better data through Google Search Console. Google rolled out this feature according to user’s needs.

When exporting data, for example AMP status, you’ll get more data behind the charts including daily breakdown of pages, status, and impressions received by these pages on search results.

The previous version of data file was limited to csv, but with the new updates, you can download the file as Google Sheets or Excel in addition to csv – if you choose csv, you will get a zip file including two csv files. But with Google Sheets or Excel, you will get one file with two tabs.

Here are the improvements made on performance report of GSC:

  • Site owners can now export data that includes search queries, pages, countries, devices, search appearance, and dates.
  • Depending on the exported data file, you’ll see an extra tab (or csv file) called filters.

For more information about this improvement, go to Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Data Export in Google Search Console

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