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Is Removing Pages Good for SEO

April 13, 2020 06:40:28 PM

On an office hours hangout, John Mueller discussed and explained the common mistake related to removing non-performing pages (content) in order to optimize the SEO Project.

John Mueller said that removing non-performing pages doesn’t help the other pages to perform better and rank high. Instead of removing non-performing pages, it’s better to check first why these pages are not performing and try to fix and optimize. And getting low impressions is not a good reason to remove non performing pages.

Fewer Pages Doesn’t Cause Higher Rankings

There is an idea between SEOs that removing non performing pages and make the website with fewer pages is better and can cause higher rankings. Here, Mueller said that this may be helpful for some sites and not helpful for others.

Lastly, removing pages is an old solution when it comes to traffic issues, and will not fix all problems. Instead of, try to analyze and determine why these pages are not performing well and then work to improve them.

Here is the Google office hours hangout:

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