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Report a Security Issue in Google Search Console

August 28, 2020 09:21:06 PM

Google is testing a new method in Search Console for allowing site owners to report bugs and security issues. This new method begins with consulting Search Console’s help pages.

Report a Security Issue in Google Search Console

Site owners must be logged-in to Search Console in order to be able to use the “Report a Security Issue” button. Using this button helps site owners to report potential false positives or to request a re-review.

If the site has security issues, the site owner will be notified to resolve them. If in case the site owner cannot fix issue with Google’s existing support mechanisms then the new method of reporting a security issue can be used. This means, using the new method should be the second choice when it comes to resolve security issues. If the site owner immediately jumps to the second choice, Google will redirect him to the public resources.

Here is the tweet:

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