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Delaying in the Search Console Index Coverage Report

September 15, 2020 09:01:03 AM

Google has announced that they are experiencing a delaying issue in the Search Console index coverage report. Google said, this delay is only affects reporting, while crawling, indexing and website ranking are working well.

Google is working hard to investigate and resolve the delaying concern, and they will announce the updates once this issue is resolved.

What is index coverage report?

This report shows the indexing status of all website pages that Google visited, or tried to crawl. The indexing status can be error, warning, excluded or valid.

Status values:

  • Error: This value means that the URL/page is not indexed.
  • Warning: This value means that the page is indexed in Google, but has an issue to be fixed by the site owner.
  • Excluded: This value means that the page is not indexed and excluded due to using “noindex directive”, or it might be a duplication issue.
  • Valid: This value means that the page is indexed and can appear in Google search.

Here is the tweet:

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