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Is There an SEO Benefit from Keyword-Based New Top Level Domains

December 06, 2020 12:21:21 PM

During the SEO office hours’ session held on December 4, 2020, John Mueller was asked if there is an SEO benefit from keyword-based new top level domains (nTLDs) like “.tools” and “.shopping” – generic top level domains is like “.com” and “.net”.

There are also another types of top level domains called country code top level domains - ccTLDs like “.jo” and “.uk” as well as sponsored top level domains like “.edu”.

Here is John Mueller answer:

Mueller answered the question that is related to new top level domains (nTLDs) as below:

“Google treats all new top level domains the same way of generic top level domains. In other words, there is no additional value for including specific keywords, city names or country names in the top level domains.

So, if you can find a new top level domain for your business and can serve you for a long-time then go for it.“

Finally, Mueller added that there is no any kind of benefits from including your keywords in the new top level domains.

Here is the video where you can watch Google’s John Mueller discussion about keyword-based new top level domains:

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