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Advertisers Can Now See Campaign Goals in Optimization Score

December 22, 2020 09:29:56 PM

Campaign Goals in Optimization Score

Google has released a new feature in Google Ads where the advertisers can now see the campaign goals in optimization score. These campaign goals are based on advertiser’ bidding strategy and can be focused on conversion, conversion value, clicks or impression share.

For example, if you are managing a campaign using a bid strategy “Target CPA - Cost Per Action”, the optimization score will help you to optimize for conversions. And therefore, you will get recommendations to help you meet that goal.

Optimization Score

Optimization score is an estimate of how your Google Ads campaigns are set to perform. The optimization score ranges from 0% to 100% - 100% score means your Google’s Ads campaign can perform at its full potential.

Along with the optimization score, the advertiser can see a list of recommendations that can help him to improve the performance of each campaign. These recommendations are based on campaign’ performance history, campaign settings, and Google search volume and trends.

Source: Google Ads Help

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