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Server failures, site load issues, and security issues such as hacking and malware can all be easily monitored and, in certain circumstances, resolved with Search Console. You can also use it to guarantee that any site maintenance or tweaks you make have a smooth search performance impact. And, in order to be a competent Search Console player, we're keeping track of the most fascinating and up-to-date information.

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February 01, 2022 11:41:33 AM

Search Console URL Inspection API

Google has released a new URL Inspection API that allows developers to debug and optimize their pages.

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November 23, 2021 10:45:46 AM

New Design Interface to Google Search Console

The Google Search Console team rolled out a new facelift and design for Google Search Console on November 22, 2021.

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October 12, 2021 12:42:28 PM

Aligning Search Console Testing Tools with URL Inspection Tool

Google is changing the Search Console public testing tools to be fully aligned with the URL Inspection tool.

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May 26, 2021 12:57:23 AM

Google Search Console Removes Generic Rich Results Search Appearance

Google announced that the generic rich results search appearance will be removed from the Search Console performance reports.

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April 09, 2021 03:40:02 PM

Regular Expressions in Google Search Console

Google has finally released Regular Expressions feature in the performance report filters to help site owners and SEOs get an additional filter to their performance report.

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February 03, 2021 09:48:41 AM

Google Search Console Discover Report

Google has released a new feature in Google Search Console performance report, where the Discover traffic will be shown in this report, including Chrome traffic.

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January 19, 2021 02:28:08 PM

Google Search Console Index Coverage Report

Google has rolled out significant improvements to the data in the Search Console Index Coverage Report. Read more here.

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November 25, 2020 11:55:36 AM

Brand New Version of the Search Console Crawl Stats Report

Google announced a new brand new version of the Search Console crawl stats report to help site owners understand how Googlebot crawls their sites.

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November 18, 2020 02:22:50 PM

Migrating Disavow Links Tool to The New Search Console Interface

On November 17, 2020, Google completed the migration of the Disavow links tool to the new Search Console interface.

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November 18, 2020 10:23:02 AM

Remove Outdated Content Tool

Google freshened the remove outdated content tool interface and also made the existing capabilities more intuitive to use.

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