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Plagiarism-free Content to Boost Your Website Ranking

Originally published: November 09, 2021 10:50:01 AM, updated: November 19, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Plagiarism-free Content

Image source: Pixabay

Plagiarism is the factor that every blogger avoids to get rid of Google penalties, as it harms the website's reputation.

Writers try to keep their content free of duplication by writing unique ideas in the text that is new for the readers.

Still, some of them face the issue of plagiarism sometimes, and it is not possible every time to write exclusive content in the article.

The lines you are using in the content are possibly published by some other author earlier, and you may not have an idea about it.

Therefore, bloggers and writers need to check for plagiarism in the content and make it 100% unique.

Online plagiarism checkers can be helpful in this term as they can detect copied lines in the text and highlight them. Users can exclude those lines from the text and make it free of plagiarism.

Best plagiarism checkers

If we talk about the top duplication detectors, there is a long list of them that search engines provide to the users.

So, it can be difficult for a person to go for the best one. Here we will talk about some top online plagiarism checkers that can be quite helpful in generating unique content.

These tools take out the copied text in the article that you can remove and make it new for the readers.


This freemium plagiarism checker carefully checks the content and takes out every single line from the text copied from other sources.

Check-plagiarism Tool

The top features of this online tool

It scans the text deeply

When the text is inserted in this AI-based tool, it scans the article thoroughly matches every line on the search engine. It highlights the copied parts in the content, and writers can remove those highlighted lines from there and make the text exclusive for the visitors.

Provide the source

When the tool highlights the plagiarized lines in the content, it also provides the source from where the text was copied. It makes it easy for the writer to check that website and make the content unique from that page.

Exclude quotes

Writers sometimes add copied lines in the content that are important to explain—use them as examples or explanations and quote them. This top tool ignores the quoted lines and goes for the other text to scan and figure out duplication.


This tool is freemium, where you can avail of its feature in the free and paid version. All the basic features can be taken for free, and you can check plagiarism in the text without any cost.

If you are willing to go at an advanced level and increase the number of searches, you can get premium plans.


The basic rule of SEO is to make the content unique, and this tool is best in this term as it makes the content best for SEO. Let's dive deep and talk about the top features of this amazing plagiarism checker.

Seomagnifier Tool

Upload documents

Users can upload the document directly in the plagiarism box, and it will get access there and scan the document directly.

Percentage graph

After generating the results, it provides the percentage graph in which users can see the amount of unique text in the article. They can make the graph 100% unique after removing the highlighted lines or rephrasing them.

Simple interphase

The interphase of this duplication detector is very simple and easy to use. Users can understand the working of every feature quite easily.

Free to use

Plagiarism checker by Seomagnifier provides all of its features for free. You don't have to get registered before using this tool. Just go and upload the files in the plagiarism checking box, and it will scan the document and give the results for free.


Another plagiarism checker highlights every duplicated line in the text and helps make content perfect for SEO. Here are some most useful features of this tool that keep it among the list of best.

SEOwagon Tool

Helps to improve SEO

When the content is exclusive, the chances of getting better rankings become brighter. This plagiarism checker figures out every single line that is copied. Users can remove those lines and improve the SEO for content - It will help enhance your website on the SERP and get more traffic on the page.


The interphase of this amazing tool is very simple and user-friendly. You can make the text unique in an effortless way using this tool.

Compatible everywhere

Users can get the advantage of this tool on any platform, and it is compatible with every device and browser so that they can avail of its features everywhere.

Secure to use

This plagiarism checker is very safe to use. It doesn't save the data of its users in its database, and this feature makes the content more reliable and trustworthy. Users prefer to use this tool due to security concerns.

Final words

The first rule to make SEO better for content is writing a unique content and providing authentic text to users who value their time and are informational for them.

You have to be exclusive through your words and make the text free of plagiarism so readers and search engines can love your content.

The human eye can't detect plagiarized lines in the text, so they must use online plagiarism checkers to highlight the copied content.

The tools discussed in this article are best for detecting copied data in the content. These tools scan the text profoundly and take out duplicated lines from there.

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