Why is Podcasting a Digital Marketing Important for Business

Originally published: October 10, 2019 10:08:28 AM, updated: November 19, 2022 12:00:00 AM

Podcasting a Digital Marketing

The number of podcasts grows by the day. In the year behind us, there were over 660.000 shows with more than 28 million episodes. More than half of the population has listened to a podcast at least once, but the number of listeners is not what makes podcasts such a good tool for businesses. Their loyalty is the most appealing treat for a successful digital marketing strategy.

The experts from the podcast industry predict this year will be crucial for getting podcasts closer to the mainstream users and appealing to a wider audience. This will be further encouraged by the increasing popularity of smart technology, such as smart speakers.

If you still are not convinced that your company needs to include podcasting as a digital marketing resource, continue reading this article, maybe you will change your mind.

It appeals to the “big spenders”

Haven’t you heard the news? Millennials have taken the throne from the baby boomers, as the new power spenders. This changes everything, from the way we create the content to the entire retail market.

With the introduction of smartphones and iPhones in 2007, we have seen a solid rise in the popularity of podcasts. This type of information appeals to the millennials, because they love to have their knowledge within their reach, but they also like to choose when to take it. To the average millennial, multi-tasking comes naturally, so podcasts are often, a better choice than video and written content, because they can be listened to while driving, prepping lunch, etc. As a business person, you need to be aware of these preferences and target the audience who is the most willing to buy your product.

It creates a personal connection with the audience

If you have ever listened to a podcast show, you might have noticed that most of the shows, at least the best among them, sound like a conversation between friends.

In this day and age, when globalization has changed the way brands speak to their customers, and the small neighborhood stores where everyone knows everyone, and the retailer knows just how much sugar and coffee you need for the week, are close to obsolete, the personal connection with the customers are greeted as welcome refreshment.

It helps you build a community

Forming a community around your business is just as important as networking with the experts from your industry. This makes all the difference in the world between one-time shoppers and loyal customers.

Now, there are many ways to build a community of trust around your brand and one of the most efficient ones is definitely podcasting. People listen to shows relevant to their interests, they discuss them, they remember them, and they even remember the product placement in them.

The fact that around 80% of listeners listen to all or most of the episodes posted by the author they are subscribed to, tells plenty about the loyalty and trust often linked to podcast listeners.

It positions you as an authority in your industry

It is similar to writing a blog. By sharing your opinion and your knowledge about the industry, you are turning your podcast into a place where people will go when they need answers. You become the voice people listen to when they seek solutions for their problems or knowledge about some relevant topics.

Your knowledge is not the only thing helping you become the authority in your industry. Other people’s knowledge and your skill to choose the right people to interview in your shows will also contribute to building trust and a good image.

You can get ahead of your competitors

There are more than two billion blog posts posted every year. Approximately 4.000 blog posts are being shared each minute. Close to six million written posts are being published a day. With the competition so fierce, it takes a great deal of effort to create quality content that attracts your targeted audience.

While podcasts show potential in the area of digital marketing, many businesses (including yours if you are reading this), haven’t caught that train yet, so the chances are that your competitors still haven’t made a name for themselves.

This provides you with the much-needed opportunity to stand out from the crowd and reinforce your brand as the leader in your industry.

It increases visibility

The goal of every good marketing campaign is to increase the visibility of a business, which would, consequently, lead to increased revenue.

Every way you use to reach out to your customers increases your visibility by a notch. It has become clear, when the radio first became a thing, that newspaper was no longer a sufficient tool for displaying your ads. Then came the television. Then the internet. Then social media. Neither of these tools became obsolete with the arrival of the other. They are all completing each other in the never-ending rivalry for gaining the audience’s attention. Podcasting is just another road to potential customers and where there is an open road it is a pity to leave it unused.

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Podcasts are versatile

Most entrepreneurs avoid time-consuming endeavors like starting a podcast. It is true that, in order to remain fresh and appealing to the audience, you need to constantly start new and relevant topics. It is true that producing, editing, and uploading a show can be challenging, especially because regularity is necessary for gaining the audience’s trust.

However, it is also true that a podcast with a hot topic can easily be translated into a blog post (and vice versa), and then you get two for the value of one. A video can be converted into an audio show, and similar. Each of the forms can be shared on all the social media channels and reach a variety of audiences, which can, later, be turned into customers.

To sum it up

Unlike an SEO-friendly website and a blog, podcasting is not a question of survival on the market. However, if you want to be the king of the jungle, then it might just offer you the way to the throne. Podcasting opens the window to entirely new ways of educating and informing your audience, but it also allows you to influence and advertise your products and services.

However, if you are considering starting a podcast, you need to take it seriously. While the very tone of the shows is usually informal and often spontaneous, it still requires a lot of preparation and basic technical knowledge. It also asks you to be persistent, as consistency is a must. Once you get regular listeners, they will expect a show available at the same time every day/week/month.

Starting your own show is a big step. If you feel that you are still not ready for it, there are other options. You can begin by appearing as a guest for other hosts and discuss the topics from your industry in an informative way. This introduces you to the audience and it helps them remember you, in case you ever decide to start your own show.

What do you think? Could podcasting be a good way to reach a new audience and customers? Would you be willing to try? Do you have any more doubts and insecurities? Comment below and let us know.

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