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Content Optimization Tips for Social Media Platforms

Originally published: December 12, 2022 11:31:26 AM, updated: December 28, 2022 11:04:17 AM

Content Optimization Tips for Social Media

One of the most prominent trends in online advertising was the shift from relying on promotional advertising to content marketing. More and more brands rely on content to reach a diverse audience and generate leads. Moreover, modern audiences want to be engaged, entertained, and informed, and the best way to achieve this is through content. However, to be successful, you will need to create quality content suited to the needs of social networks. With the proper adjustments, the algorithms on those platforms can promote your content and show it to many users. If you want to improve your reach and get user attention with your posts, here are 8 content optimization tips for social media platforms you should implement.

1. Decide on Your Main Platform

There’s nothing wrong with having a presence on multiple social networks. However, creating content is hard work, and maintaining a constant output is challenging to say the least. You should always post original and creative content to entice users to follow your social media profiles. Some content creators make the mistake of reposting the same content across all of their profiles. Unfortunately, reposting or duplicating content is a mistake that can damage your SEO. Why would anyone follow your brand across multiple channels if you post the same content on them? For this reason, we suggest picking one platform as the primary output for your content.

2. Learn the Platform’s Preferred Content

Although there are similarities between the most popular social networks, there are also many differences, and they cater to different types of content. Therefore, you should look into specific content optimization tips for social media platforms you are interested in. Research the platforms’ preferred type of content and launch a campaign to help you build your brand. It would also help to look for new trends that can hop from one social network to another. A perfect example would be the recent surge in the popularity of vertical video. It feels like most social media platforms are now attempting to implement short-form video content to appeal to the younger demographics.

3. Invest in Influencers

Social Nedia Influencer

Lately, we’ve seen a rise in small and micro-influencers. Most will have their style of addressing the audience and promoting your brand. However, it would be best if you gave them something solid to work with. Create content they can work with and share with their followers. Not every influencer can take professional photos and videos of your products or services. Consider providing them with ample footage they can use to promote you.

4. Find and Fix Content Gaps

One of the most critical content optimization tips for social media platforms you must understand is that you shouldn’t be creating the type of content that interests you. Instead, you should discover what your audience wants and what content is missing and start producing that. Thankfully, finding and fixing content gaps is not difficult – all you have to do is ask your audience. Alternatively, you can check out what your competitors are producing, or more precisely, what they aren’t producing – and then fill that niche. Creating unique content will garner you a larger audience than doing the same thing as everyone else.

5. Create Engaging Content

Besides creating something exciting and original, you’ll also have to create content that engages your audience. User engagement is the best way to boost your visibility on social media and organically grow your following. Additionally, content that makes users interact with your profile will create a positive feedback loop and tell the social media algorithm to promote you to new users.


The best content to engage users are open-ended discussions where you ask users questions and respond to their comments. On the other hand, if you want users to share your posts, you should focus on visual content. Interactive social content also gets your brand a lot of visibility. Good examples of interactive content are hashtag campaigns or specialized photo filters.

6. User-Created Content

UCC, sometimes referred to as user-generated content, is a terrific way to offload some of the burdens of content creation onto your customers. The most widespread form of UCC is customer reviews and testimonials. Consider including them as quotes in your promotional material. Another great form of user-created content is pictures of your products. You can run contests and ask users to tag your business profile. Afterward, repost the winners on your social media account.

7. Always Lead Back to Your Website

Unfortunately, sometimes social media platforms will limit the number of characters in your posts or the duration of your videos. In these situations, you can create long-form content for your website and post small snippets on social media. However, you will still need to learn how to properly optimize content for your website and be aware of the latest content optimization tips for social media platforms.

Long-form articles that exceed 1.000 words are great for your website since you can use them to improve your SEO. You can load them with internal links and relevant keywords to get more website visitors from search engines. When posting to social media, you should create custom snippets that will intrigue users into reading the entire piece on your website.

8. Embrace Brand Storytelling

Storytelling in Marketing

Continuously posting promotional content isn’t going to win you much sympathy. If you want to grow an audience that cares about your brand, we suggest you embrace the power of storytelling. Create content that will emotionally resonate with your audience by sharing details about your company and behind-the-scenes photos. You can share pictures of how you make your products or celebrate the achievements of your employees. If you have multiple community managers overseeing your social media profiles, make sure they are all posting in a tone consistent with the voice you have chosen for your brand.

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve covered 8 content optimization tips for social media platforms, it’s up to you to start making content that will help grow your business. If you follow our advice, you will quickly amass a large following and have your content seen by many prospective customers.

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