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Removing Blog Comments May Impact Google Search Rankings

February 16, 2021 11:16:52 AM

During the SEO office hours held on February 5, 2021, there was a discussion about if removing blog comments can impact Google search rankings. John Mueller said that Google treats blog comments as part of the main content, and removing them may result to hurt your search rankings on Google.

So, Mueller doesn’t recommend removing blog comments, and he also offers details that can help site owners whether to go through with this behavior.

Site owners should be aware that Google consider blog comments as part of the main blog content, and if a comment contains information a searcher is looking for, then Google may serve this searcher to land on the page that includes this information within the comments.

Mueller said that Google is able to distinguish the comments part from the main blog content. Thus, comments will be treated differently.

Here is the video:

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