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Is It Acceptable for Authors to Link to Their Guest Posts

April 11, 2020 08:23:18 PM

During Google Webmaster Central hangout held April 9, John Mueller was asked is it okay for authors to link back to their guest posts? Many SEOs believe that this behavior will negatively impact their SEO projects.

Mueller Responds

Mueller started his response by giving a reminder that guest blogging is an unnatural method for link building, and will result to put your website at risk with Google search engine. But, if you do that once every single month, it’s fine.

Authors can link back to their guest posts published on different websites, and this behavior is totally accepted where you can do that however you want. So, it will be fine to use nofollow links - normal followed links is also fine.

Mueller said that guest posting should serve and grow your audience, and not to trick search engines.

Here is the video (English Google Webmaster Central office-hours from April 9, 2020):

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