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Google Ads Editor Version 1.3 is Now Live

April 13, 2020 10:00:33 PM

Google has launched the new version 1.3 of Google Ads editor. This version includes many improvements listed below:

Optimization score

An optimization score is an estimate of how your campaigns are set to perform. Optimization score is ranging from 0% to 100% - 100% means your campaign performs at its full potential. Learn more about optimization score.

Open edit pane in new window

in this version, you can now open the edit panel in a separate window where you can easily resize and position the window however you like.

Add accounts, campaigns, and ad groups to the account tree

In this version, you can add the accounts you manage, campaigns, and ad groups to your account tree.

Jump to the first error, warning, and info

In the error panel, you will find many icons that will take you (depending on the icon you clicked) to the first error, warning, or info.

In addition to the updates below:

  • Discovery carousel ads
  • Shared budgets
  • Call-to-action fields for bumper and non-skippable ads
  • HTML5 fields in App install ads

Here is the tweet

Google Ads Editor Version 1.3

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