How AI is Changing SEO

Originally published: October 11, 2021 09:44:38 AM, updated: October 12, 2021 10:19:17 AM

How AI is Changing SEO

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly expanding technology that, in the future, will make SEO strategies and tools even more informative and valuable for businesses. Artificial intelligence and digital marketing are becoming increasingly integrated systems and accelerating at a breakneck pace, enhancing marketers' and developers' ability to do various activities.

Artificial Intelligence is used for more than just market research. It can classify and categorize data significantly more than practically any market research organization operating today because it doesn't rely on static methods for data collection.

AI will create better content

The function of artificial intelligence (AI) in content marketing varies tremendously. It can help digital marketers make sense of the avalanche of data on the internet, speed up the content creation process, and establish an effective content strategy, among other things.

Here are four ways that artificial intelligence is improving content marketing.


1. Using predictive intelligence to create unique experiences

Predictive intelligence enables businesses to better understand the needs of individual customers and tailor content to meet those wants and interests.

2. Content creation and curation

Curating relevant and engaging content on a daily basis is a time-consuming effort. On the other hand, current content marketing technologies are substantially assisting in determining which themes are popular among the general public. Sifting through content still takes a significant amount of time and effort, let alone curating content that is both relevant to what your audience wants to read and engaging.

3. Developing data-driven insights for smarter decisions

Most content nowadays relies primarily on manually combing through mountains of data. When we rely on data, too much of it is to separate the signal from the noise efficiently.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) exists! It provides data-driven insights to form a unified content strategy better than individuals.

4. Maximizing the value of content

The role of search engines is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the process of page ranking, search engines have gotten sharper and more authoritative over time.

Because of AI's impact on SEO, marketers must consider the big picture and how all aspects of digital marketing work together to achieve an organization's final goal.

PPC advertising, email marketing, data tracking, blogging, and social media marketing are all changing due to SEO.

As a result, complete techniques including machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to ensure that every aspect of digital marketing contributes to improved page rankings.

AI will improve voice search

The way questions are formulated is the major distinction between voice search and text-based search. You might enter up "Jennifer Lopez age" to find out how old Jennifer Lopez is. "Alexa, how old is Jennifer Lopez?" you'll ask if you're using an Amazon Echo.

AI in Voice Search

Because voice searches are conversational, you'll need to optimize for them. To put it another way, you must target long-tail keywords and, more crucially, guarantee that your content ranks in the top three results for those queries.

There isn't a page of results to pick from when it comes to voice search, and there is only one outcome, and you must be the first result for queries relating to your brand and critical keywords and phrases.

Long-tail inquiries are also how you get into Google's Featured Snippet, which frequently ends up as voice search results.

With the rise of voice search, Google has placed a greater emphasis on AI technology, allowing its Google Assistant to conduct human-like conversations. This implies that customers can ask questions in conversational terms and still obtain correct answers.

The Google Assistant learns from our actions and compares them to previous preferences to make more tailored recommendations.

We may expect to see changes in the way search is used as this technology advances. To be ready for the rise of conversational AI, your company must be able to speak with clients in a human-like manner across platforms. Enabling customer service chatbots on your website is one option. Customer support chatbots can track orders, answer product questions, and initiate return processes, which can serve as a stepping stone towards the future of voice purchasing on your online store.

AI and keyword research

To have a chance to rank well for all of the important search terms, we used to have to optimize multiple pages of a website for many different but closely related phrases.

According to the recommendation, focusing on long-tail keywords will likely bring in highly relevant traffic with little competition. The conventional wisdom was that the more pages on your website, the better for SEO.

However, this resulted in bloated and repeated websites. It also made it difficult for Google to determine which page in the SERPs should be prioritized.

Machine learning and algorithms like RankBrain are forever altering the way we use keywords.

Google RankBrain

Is it safe to say that long-tail keywords are no longer relevant?

When you write about 'how to convert to HTTPS,' search engines can deduce that you're also talking about 'website security,' 'Hypertext Transfer Protocol,' and 'data protection.'

As a result, a single web page can rank for various keywords that are all connected.

Medium-tail keywords are preferable in the world of AI search — these are the so-called 'middle of the pack' search terms that are neither too broad nor too specific but effectively reflect an article's underlying concept or theme.

I recommend keeping one focus key or phrase per page but make it a medium tail.

Also, keep in mind that keyword density is unimportant. To score well with RankBrain, your content must reflect search intent and context and provide high-quality, high-value information to searchers.

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Final thoughts

AI-powered SEO can aid in predicting customer behavior patterns, optimizing content development strategies, and realizing real-time data analytics' full potential.

AI-powered SEO is a worthwhile investment if you want your company to prosper.

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